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“Collectors and Distributors of Fine Music” Music that is created for the sheer LOVE of it. Music that celebrates the melody and the harmony, the magnificent and the eccentric. The Beautiful Music is dedicated to distributing Music that soars above the musical landscape in the Jet Stream of POP. Inspired by the Beauty of Marina Records, the Pop Genius of Allan McGee’s Creation and Poptones labels, the eccentric Dan Treacy’s Whaam and Dreamworld label, the trailblazing Factory Records, the Pure Pop of Matt’s Sarah and Shinkansen labels, Joe Foster’s diverse musical heritage of Kaleidoscope Sound and Rev-Ola labels, Mike Scott’s the Big Music sound and Chicken Jazz label, Chris Seventeen’s love of music with the What a Wonderful Way To Turn Seventeen label and many other labels such as Tangerine, Swordfish, Summershine, Glass, Postcard, Swamplands, Wagging Dog, Little Teddy, Spin Art, Matinee and Detour to name just a few. To contact here on earth please send all mail to: The Beautiful Music 207 Bank Street #129 Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2N2 Canada Write soon! Wally

All Those Times We Spent Together A Tribute to the Television Personalities: Vol 3 Album Detail & Samples Beauty 020 $15.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dot Dash Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash Album Detail & Samples Beauty 019 $9.00 CDN In Stock   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Skytone Shining Over You Album Detail & Samples Beauty 018 $9.00 CDN In Stock   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Roy Moller Playing Songs, No One’s Listening To Beauty 017 $9.00 CDN Now Available!   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Social Icons I’m there…you’re here Beauty 016 $9.00 CDN In Stock   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I Would Write a Thousand Words: A Tribute to the Television Personalities Vol. 2 http://www.myspace.com/tvp2tribute Beauty 015 $15.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Armstrong Songs About the Weather www.myspace.com/armstrongwales Beauty 014 $9.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jeremy Gluck This Is… Beauty 012 Limited Release-Contact Us In Stock -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nick Danger & the Danger City Rebels Escape from Danger City EP Beauty 011 $7.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Someone to Share My Life With LP Vinyl The Alternate Tribute to the Television Personalities Art LP 001 – Beauty 010 Special Order @ But is it Art? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Mules Phantom Father EP* Beauty 009 In Stock *Single available on Into the Jet Stream of Pop --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Skytone Echoes in All Directions LP Beauty 008 $9.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nick Danger & the Danger City Rebels Surf Spy Lounge EP* Beauty 007 In Production -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Higher Elevations Lovestruck EP Beauty 006 $7.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If I Could Write Poetry A Tribute to the Television Personalities Beauty 005 $15.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Into the Jet Stream of Pop An International Pop Compilation Beauty 004 $15.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Mules Live At The Old Town Hall Beauty 003*D* $7.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nick Danger & the Danger City Rebels The Return of Nick Danger EP Beauty 002 $7.00 CDN In Stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tremolo All My Friends EP Beauty 001 $7.00 CDN Sold Out